Corfu Airport Bus

Line 15 connects the airport with the port of Corfu, passing through the main intercity bus station of the island, then passing through the city center and specifically the Saroko Square (starting points), where there is also an information kiosk, as most starting points of the bus lines are there. It then heads to the port, where it makes two stops, one of them being behind the ticket offices of the ferry boats and ends up at the Corfu Port Authority (CPA), the cruise ship and the ship to Albania station.

The same line (15) returns again from the port, passing again through the city center and the Saroko Square (starting points), then the intercity bus station and ends up again at the airport. (Click here for the timetables)

From the Airport one can board the number 15 bus to reach the city center-Saroko Square, and from there one can reach all destinations.

corfu bus timetable
corfu bus timetavle

Corfu Airport

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