Parking at the Corfu Airport

Corfu Airport Parking Space

The Parking space is right next to the Corfu Airport terminal building. It is built on a 7,000 m² field, with a capacity of 271 seats, and provides secure parking for short or long periods of time. It is protected by a fence and security cameras that work 24 hours a day.

The parking space is fully accessible to people with disabilities, while ‘On-time Parking’ offers free parking spaces for them.

It also provides free parking for up to 20 minutes.

Phone Number: +30 26610 39542


1Until 20 minutesFREE
2Until 20 minutes2,00 €
3Until 2 hours2,70 €
4Until 3 hours3,40 €
5Until 4 hours4,10 €
6Until 5 hours4,80 €
7Until 6 hours5,50 €
8Until 24 hours6,50 €
9Price / DayPrice / Day

Corfu Airport

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