Corfu Airport Infrastructure

The take-off and landing runway of Corfu airport is built largely within the Chalikiopoulos lagoon.

The covered areas of the airport for passenger service are 16.000 sq.m. The mezzanine where the offices of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the airline companies are, is 1.200 sq.m. In the passenger station there are shops, car rental companies and travel agencies, restaurants, cafes, ATMs, while there is free wireless internet (WiFi) available.

In the basement of the terminal there are the electromechanical installations, the coolant machines as well as the storage areas of 10.000 sq.m.

The take-off and landing runway (17-35) has a length of 2375 m and a width of 45 m. There is a taxiway from the threshold of 17, 800 m long and 3 connecting runways.

It also has:
• A Fire Station
• Category of airport fire safety: 7 (VII)
• Aircraft parking spaces: 10
• General Air Force parking spaces: 28

Corfu Airport

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